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'Ohi'a Pink/Grey Women's Scarf

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'Ohi'a Lehua comes from one of the most abundant trees in Hawai'i.  Hawaiians used its wood for weapons, construction, and poi boards.  The leaves were used for tea. Its distinctive red, fiery blossoms often tie the Ohia Lehua to Pele, the volcano goddess.  The legend of Ohia is that Pele wanted to marry him, but Ohia was in love with Lehua.  Pele was angry and turned Ohia into a gnarled tree.  The gods took pity on a grieving Lehua and turned her into a beautiful red flower adorning Ohia so they could always be together.  If you pick the Lehua blossom, her tears will fall in a heavy rain that day.

This scarf has an ultra-soft, silky feel, with a cooling touch.  The oblong shape allows for short wraps as well as classic knots, drapes, weaves, and loops.

Product Details:

  • Designed in Hawaii
  • 15% Silk 85% Modal woven blend
  • 81 in x 26 in (205 cm x 66 cm)
  • Pink, White, and Grey

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